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Are you asking yourself “why is my penis little”? Well, it’s because of your genes that your penis was little to start with, however the factor you CONTINUE to be small is just that you haven’t been doing the hand workouts which can quickly grow you to huge sizes. I did it, it worked extremely well! So why do not you?

Vigrx Plus In The Uk

Penile improvement surgical treatment need to be the very last hope. It is expensive and can leave you with a warped penis. Scarring is a genuine possibility from any type of surgical treatment, especially in a delicate location such as your penis. This choice is not advised.

There are lots of penis male enlargement strategies out there to make your penis bigger. The problem is does penis male augmentation work and which techniques do you pick? There are a variety of aspects to think about. How does a longer thicker and more outstanding penis size sound to you? If you’re anything like many people reading this short article you most likely wish that you were naturally enhanced with a bigger manhood. Stress not! With a proven natural enlargement technique you can achieve the penis size your desire and dispose your small-man status for excellent!

One item I want to show you is called Vigrx Plus In The Uk. I decided to review VigRX Plus since of all the widespread talk all over the web concerning the item. One thing I discovered out through my research study is that people have grumbled about the length of time it takes before they begin to see any results. When once again this goes back to individuals desiring a fast fix per se, rather than stressing whether or not the item even works. As it turns out, VigRX Plus does take a while to see results. The site claims it takes around 3 months prior to you get the complete result, that includes a general increase in size of the penis, and increase in sex drive. The first couple of weeks, you might not observe a size increase, however you need to begin to notice harder, more powerful erections, in addition to and increased libido.

The ingredients used to make Vigrx Plus In The Uk are all FDA authorized and safe to consume. On top of that, they are all organic in nature and have utilized successfully to deal with male sexual issues like impotence, weak erections, low libido, etc in the East for centuries currently.

There was this one girl at University who I really fancied and I think in the beginning she didn’t fancy me back till I began to produce a fit body. I keep in mind the feared day when I was up in her bedroom vigrx plus review and I started making a pass at her.

When guys enjoy, their love runs deep for their partner or girlfriend, but how does a male with a little penis really feel? Even though he likes his partner he still may feel as though he is not satisfying her sexually. There are penis enhancement techniques that a male can do to take away that worry of not being able to please his partner.

This strategy is considered as the finest method to get a bigger penis. Natural penile workouts are safe, and have actually been clinically shown to be really effective in including both length and girth. Tests show that over 95% of the males utilizing natural exercises for a duration of at least 6 months acquired from 1 to 4 inches in length and as much as 2 inches of girth. Of all the strategies to increase the size of your penis, natural penile exercise needs to be number one.

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Visit the official VigRx Plus website

Nowadays, everything appears to be getting increasingly more tough, would not it be great to discover something that is easy for a change? Well that’s precisely what natural augmentation provides you – and simple and quick solution to the problem of having a little penis. Do you currently feel unhappy about the size of your manhood? If so, this article could be simply what you are trying to find because I am going to reveal the secret of natural development. Once you understand how all of it works, it’s possible to add 3 or 4 inches to your member in just a few weeks – that’s what I did and so I understand it really can be done.

There is no lack of favorable consumer reviews from previous users of this product. Clearly, lots of guys have gained from the aphrodisiac properties of Vigrx Plus Discount Code pills.

If you are not pleased with the benefits offered, you can always access VigRX reviews readily available online. These evaluations will offer you a clear photo of how customers have rated the item in time. What you will discover is that customers are more than satisfied with the tablets. As a matter of fact, many of them have provided the item a 5 star score.

You can make your erect penis longer and thicker naturally with simple techniques. I went from 5.5 inches long and 5 inches around to over 8 inches long and precisely 6 inches around. Here are some important things males must understand about increasing the length and girth of your erect penis naturally.

Another major vigrx plus review benefit of penis pills is that they are easy to administer. All you need to do is continue to take them according to the producer’s instructions. Few things are easier than that. They likewise are going to cost considerably less than other options.

, if you desire to get a hard erection you don’t need to take synthetic drugs you can get one naturally by taking the enclosed combination of herbs.. Let’s take an appearance at how and why they work. Are you tired and ill of feeling inadequate? Do you feel embarrassed about the size of your penis? Would you like to try your hand at a bit of vigrx plus evaluation but don’t truly understand where to begin? Are you looking for an inconvenience totally free method to see a difference in size? If these concerns are ones that you ask yourself on a routine basis then you are definitely in the ideal place. Here are 3 reasons why penis male augmentation cream will solve your problems within 7 days!

Stimulation of penis head (glans) is what brings guys to very fast orgasms. To control your ejaculation better, select positions that do not promote your penis head as much. Any technique that you are passive in (lady on top enters your mind) is great for this.

There are various reasons in which men pick natural male improvement pills. Some males discover it easier to take a couple of tablets rather then establishing a gadget what takes up 40 minutes of the day. A great deal of men are hectic and they do not have 40 minutes to spare. Because you see results extremely rapidly, another factor as to why individuals pick this type of approach is. Everyone loves to see quick results due to the fact that it offers us motivation and confidence. After taking a few of the tablets you will begin to observe that your control in the bed room has actually gotten way better.

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Visit the official VigRx Plus website

Vigrx plus is commonly referred to as the number 2 penis enhancement pill you can discover on the market. It is a great choice you have actually made considering the advantages one can get from the usage of this penile enhancement product if your plan is to purchase Vigrx plus.

Vigrx Plus Success Stories



To make your penis grow, you need to exercise it daily utilizing unique hand working out regimens, normally established by experts. Those exercises target your penis, and not only that – they target the pelvic vigrx plus review floor muscle and other locations also, so you entire sexual life gets extremely enhanced!

A penis extender is one of THE most reliable ways to expand your penis at home. And from months of costly trial and mistake here are five things your penis extender MUST HAVE for maximum improvement results.

The time to receive the anticipated change in the size of penis might vary from one individual to the other. However, according to Vigrx Plus Clinical Trial review, you can anticipate to discover some changes in the size and performance of the penis within a month’s time. Constantly remember, the male improvement pills that supply the preferred results in a healthy method never ever works like a wonder. They work slowly, however provide you a long-term outcome.

The guys who want the “magic options” like PE pills, potions, lotions, gums and other more castle in the air sorts of options practically constantly end up disappointed. The companies that offer those items are usually very pleased.simply because there is an unending demand for overnight enhancements, and magical options, and guys who crave size are typically ready to spend to get them.

These companies are taken a minor gamble. They understand that somehow they should get brand-new customers for this reason the legit free trial. For the consumer its pleased days, as you get to attempt a high quality product that normally would set you back $40 – $50 for absolutely nothing. Don’t forget you will need to pay a small shipping expense as these tablets are made in unique high technology laboratories generally in America.

Vigrx Plus Results

Visit the official VigRx Plus website

Have you chose that you do wish to increase the size of your penis? Are you seeking to find out real truths about longer penis pills? Fantastic! This article will help you comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of using pills and likewise what other techniques are available for you to use!

Vigrx Plus Results

So, with all the above said, I’m pretty sure you’re wondering what exactly will make all this possible. Well, I can inform you today that tablets, clamps, hanging weights, surgical treatment, creams, pumps, and extenders will NOT make those things occur above. The only thing that will do the above naturally, quickly (within 3-8 weeks you’ll see major enhancements), and regularly are natural penis exercises.

If you have actually a verified diagnosis for ED, you might be in an initial shock but do not loose hope.There are a lots of drugs in the shops near you and online too for service of Ed. Vigrx Plus Results guarantees a treatment that will assist you keep the condition in check and return the lost moments.Before buying the anti Ed drugs you need to see the reviews of the patients of ED.When you think about that Vigrx Plus reveals the positive outcome on their clients and no negative effects on health, then you acquire vigrx Plus. Vigrx Plus not only removes impotency but likewise increase the penis’s size.

These gimmicks are offered by the thousands each year, and have the same outcomes as the tablets and tablets. A penis pump might assist you get an erection, however it can not help you achieve any long-term growth. A stretcher might get you an extra fraction of an inch in length in time, however they will not help you acquire any girth at all. Poorly made devices can trigger injuries, such as, bruising and blistering, and may even damage soft tissue and capillaries, causing long-term impotence. I would avoid any device I had to Vigrx Plus Results insert my penis into, or strap it onto. The danger is unworthy the reward.

By eating a well balanced diet and getting lots of zinc and iron into your blood stream, you are currently doing marvels for your internal environment. If essential, these are the minerals that are important for growth so it is a good concept to take additional supplements. I would also suggest that you consume 2 to 3 litres of water a day to assist with flushing out the toxins that might take place.

VigRX Plus is one of the medicines which most doctors suggest to their clients who do not have sexual dedications. It has been seen that there are lots of ladies who complain to their men about not being satisfied in the bed last night. This is not unusual however real many ladies grumble this to their guy. For the male it is an insult and numerous fear to even ask concern about how they can satisfy their spouse.

However one of the most important question lies in which website should you purchase Vigrx from? When you make a search for it, you would discover that there are countless websites which offer you with the option of buying VigRX plus online. However you need to take essential safety measures to guarantee that you are not being targeted for among those internet scams. That is exactly why it is an excellent concept to purchase VigRX Plus strictly from their official website. It is not extremely tough to locate the site. So what are you waiting on? Go get your pill now!

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Visit the official VigRx Plus website

Doing some, changes in the body can be expensive at times specifically if you want to go under the knife. There are people who invest thousands just to that gadget to assist them attain whatever it is they want. However, there are some creative and practical enough in picking free male enhancement. This not just conserves them money, however also the effort in trying to reach so tough to what they desire.

Recognizing that you are in desperate requirement of Vigrx Plus Distributors evaluation is attempting enough. Include having to speak with he spouse about it, and it’s an entire brand-new epidemic. Don’t be so timid though. Ladies step forward with desiring their breasts done all the time. It’s the precise same thing. Plus they will take advantage of all the additional pleasure your freshly engorged member will supply them. It ends up being a win/win scenario. This is the female that you like. Do not be afraid to open up to her.

And remember, with our contemporary day understanding of anatomy, and the range of holistic, alternative, natural methods to OPTIMIZING our bodies in all sorts of is now typical practice for guys everywhere, who understand how – to systematically enhance, construct and increase our penis size and do it rapidly.

Vigrx Plus Distributors is a natural enhancement pill what works greatly well. When it comes to outcomes, Time after time this item proves itself to be in an elite league of it’s own. A lot of tablets on the market today are simply pure scrap what will not, assist you at all and if they do it’s just short-lived. With VigRX Plus Pills the outcomes are always permanent. If you check out posts and testimonials it comes as no surprise that it is the most popular type of pill to utilize.

And on an a lot more promising note, if you get the 12 month supply package, you will also get a totally free penis extender (EuroExtender). This is a distinctive deal and is well worth it.

Likewise one herb that can be utilized to enhance your total sexual health and function. Have actually been used for decades to deal with premature ejaculation. It can also make your sperm more active and reinforce your penis. In China it’s also utilized as a medication to increase fertility for women and men.

A great deal of males who have an interest in buying a penis augmentation item desire something that can provide them with the fastest outcomes. This, nevertheless, is not a clever thing to do since every extreme modification to the body can result in health problems. Penis augmentation tablets like Extagen, for instance, offer outcomes within the first few weeks. Because the entire treatment takes a couple of months, these outcomes are steady. A guy ought to not expect to see an increase of three inches within the first week. If an item can do that, it is probably very harmful, since it can’t be natural.

If you are a male over 40 years of age and suffering from weak erections and low sex drive, it is highly recommended that your try the natural tablet service – VigRx Plus.

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VigRX Plus is the improved version of VigRx male improvement pill. After getting self-confidence amongst masses as a great item for ED, the producer included new active ingredients and formula in the medicine to encompass more problems connected to sexual health. Overall, this natural item has turned out to be the very best medication for male sexual health. If you are struggling with some type of sexual disorder like impotence, weak erections, early ejaculation, short run sexual experience, low libido or anything, there are no reasons you shouldn’t try this medication.

Vigrx Plus Important Details

Amazon: It is another shop where you can purchase Vigrx Plus. It is the unofficial store where this supplement can be discovered. People who sell vigrx plus review Plus over there are simple people. They purchase from Vigrx Plus shop and resell on Amazon. This implies that their rate will be higher and the creativity of their item is not ensured. You might likewise not get refund if you are not satisfied with the item. When you purchase from Amazon store, the 60 day money back ensure offered by the main store of Vigrx Plus may not be gotten. It is since they are resellers and they do not have the authorization of the main shop to offer Vigrx Plus.

A penis extender is among THE most reliable methods to enlarge your penis at home. And from months of expensive experimentation here are five things your penis extender MUST HAVE for optimal enhancement outcomes.

Many individuals like to take on a Do-It-Yourself task and surface with a success. Some wish to prove to themselves that they can do things without buying an item at the shop. Nevertheless when it concerns building your own homemade penis enlarger this is not always the very best concept. There is constantly this air of you-don’t-know-what-you’re-going-to-get in the world of penis male enhancement tablets. The reality that you are handling your penis does not assist to relieve your anxiety one little bit. Then how do you choose whether an item like Vigrx Plus Herbal Supplement really works? This is where you are familiar with more about how you can make your own choice relating to vigrx plus.

Vigrx Plus Important Details is among the medications which most physicians advise to their patients who do not have sexual commitments. It has been seen that there are many ladies who grumble to their guys about not being pleased in the bed last night. This is real however not weird lots of females complain this to their male. For the male it is an insult and lots of fear to even ask question about how they can please their spouse.

Included control is likewise a strong capacity. This control is made with the purpose of avoiding a man from experiencing premature ejaculation. It assists to get the ejaculation to happen just at a time when the man and his partner are prepared for it to come.

By getting and consuming a balanced diet lots of zinc and iron into your blood stream, you are currently doing marvels for your internal environment. These are the minerals that are necessary for growth so it is a good idea to take additional supplements if required. I would likewise suggest that you consume 2 to 3 litres of water a day to aid with eliminating the toxic substances that might happen.

Indeed, VigRX Plus remains a really unique male improvement supplement. Numerous favorable reviews have actually been written on the item. You can always locate them online. You can find out more from the experience of other males who have actually likewise used the product. To make the most out of VigRX Plus, you have to buy it from trustworthy dealers. You can purchase it directly from its main website or from well known dealerships who offer tested and evaluated male enhancement items. When you go for the product, you can constantly enjoy your sexual life.

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Visit the official VigRx Plus website

Let’s face it– it’s time to get the truth about penis enlargement. Nowadays, you can hardly check your e-mail or turn on the TELEVISION without seeing an advertisement hyping a male enhancement item that promises to increase the size of your manhood. It makes me mad, because the majority of these items are rip-offs!

Your partner might wander off from you and look for greener pastures. Every female vigrx plus review likes to know she is desired and appreciated. Love making is an expression that brings two individuals close together. You might have issues at work or be tense about your task.When she reaches out to you, you require to increase male stamina and be able to satisfy your partner. When you initially got into a relationship, you may not be as active as you were. That was since your naturally happening human growth hormone in your body was active and bursting with energy. You did not require much to be sexually aroused.

What makes this tablet much more worthwhile is the truth that this is a completely organic service. There are no extreme medications used in the structure and preparation of the pills. Each and every active ingredient used has been a tried and tested formula for centuries. In truth the makers of this pill have actually travelled thoroughly all over the world to get the best components for the tablet. Each of these was used in some kind or the other in those traditional cultures. So you would discover maybe a local herb from Indian along with Mayan culture.

Indeed within the process of enhancing the size of the penis it is substantial to know how to determine your penis. But computing the inches or millimeter of the penis can perhaps bring you success or break it. There are a number of ways to make your penis fatter or have better girth. Here are some of the items you might wish to try using to make your penis girth boost in simply a month. All these techniques and items assure half an inch increase too. You just need to do whatever properly.

Another advantage of Where can i buy Vigrx Plus Pills tablets is the universality of usage. While other tablets can be choosey in regards to who work on, these tablets represent a various photo. This is due to the fact that they can be utilized by anybody without needing to stress about the age. As long as someone is over eighteen, you can constantly engage the pills. In addition, these tablets are reliable to everybody.

Considering that this is a herbal supplement, you will not get the nasty impacts related to prescription drugs like Viagra. But you may feel a bit thirsty on swallowing the tablets on the first couple of efforts. Therefore you should consume lots of water when taking the pills.

I started to feel the satisfaction in sex and I enjoyed it a lot. My ejaculation issue was resolved as these pills increased my endurance. I was suddenly starving for sex and my wife began to like me. I started to satisfy her requirements and she was pleased with me. The pills likewise increased the amount of semen. I utilized to dribble few drops after sex but after using these pills, I was shooting orgasm all over. These tablets introduced me to an entire brand-new life. They not just saved my marriage but likewise increased my sexual performance and the length of my penis. I am still taking pleasure in all these advantages with no adverse effects. I would advise male enhancement pills to every guy, whether he has a short or big penis. These tablets truly work for everyone.

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Is VigRx plus a legitimate product? It is an understatement to say that penis augmentation products have a bad name. You could blame the bilkers who flood your inbox with outrageous and absurd claims but it is a gross error to swelling all penis improvement and male improvement products into the same basket. That’s why we require to dig deep and discover out if VigRx Plus is the genuine or is it like the rest?

Next, you need to get an idea of the vigrx plus ingredients. If science terminology resembles Greek to you, you will have a bumpy ride comprehending the finer details – but it is crucial to know at least the names of the products that you are going to use on your body. If you do not know of the compounds in each of those fantastic Vigrx Plus Review 2019 tablets, and of the sort of effects that they can have on you – you are better off not using them.

A great deal of males who are interested in purchasing a penis augmentation item want something that can provide them with the fastest results. This, nevertheless, is not a clever thing to do since every transformation to the body can cause health issue. Penis enhancement tablets like Extagen, for example, supply results within the very first few weeks. These outcomes are steady due to the fact that the whole treatment takes a couple of months. A guy must not expect to see a boost of 3 inches within the first week. If a product can do that, it is most likely very damaging, because it can’t be natural.

Vigrx Plus Male Enhancement

The approach I am proposing is something rather innovative. It is based on totally natural approaches and actually utilizes science to explain to the factor for your growth. In contrast to other methods, natural vigrx plus evaluation, deals with your body instead of versus it. All you require to do is take a look at to areas of your life: diet plan and exercise. You need to make changes in both of these if you want to see maximum gains.

Response: Yes, you can always place on a synthetic dong as a temporary prosthesis. It can be as big as you want, but that has to do with it. There are no wonder treatments in this world. at least not in regards to Vigrx Plus Male Enhancement evaluation products. However, there are other methods and indicates on how you can increase the length and girth of your tool like dieting and exercising. Those would take a few weeks at least.

A lot of men vigrx plus review appear to wonder how women feel about their penis sizes. It must not be surprising to know that a lot of females prefer big penises. Men are egotistical beings and they are constantly participated in a ‘contest’ of some sort about whatever in their lives – jobs pay women. they constantly wish to have the much better and be the better. This does not omit the ultimate symbol of their masculinity-their penis.

Penile improvement surgical treatment need to be the very last resort. It is costly and can leave you with a warped penis. Scarring is a real possibility from any kind of surgical treatment, specifically in a delicate area such as your penis. This alternative is not recommended.

Whichever site you go to, constantly keep in mind that before you jump ahead and buy Extenze or any product for that matter, you should ensure that the seller has great track record. Examining important transaction information like overall expenses, shipping and handling charges, estimated shipment dates, etc. is something you should not miss out on also. Bear in mind that there are pesky scammers waiting on you to make just a single error. You can avoid that by becoming a better purchaser.

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VigRX Plus is popular male sexual health medication throughout the world. Story starts in 2006, and now in simply 5 years, it is one of the most favourite choices of males facing sexual issues. It is beaten hundreds of similar items. By the year 2006, male sexual health medication industry got saturated and introducing a brand-new product by any business was not that easy. Big companies released items which share the formula of either popular “blue tablets” from Pfizer or similar medication. However now appears effective like VigRX Plus. Not just big business, numerous little, medium and even brand-new business are striving to develop in market.

Vigrx Plus Pills Price

Penis size has actually been a significant problem for men since time started vigrx plus review and it is still an issue now. Now I know that you have all heard that size does not matter and most ladies state that. However believe me deep inside they are all wanting that their man’s penis was a bit larger no matter if they are already big to start with.

Once it is semi-erect, take among your hands and make the ‘ok’ indication with it. The circle that you have just developed with your thumb and forefinger can now be put at the base of your penis. Now make the circle tight around your penis and move it towards the head of your penis. Once you succeed, loosen up the circle and bring it back down to the base.

Often, free Where to buy Vigrx Plus in Canada review is available in exercise kind. This is where your hands can be found in. Instead of utilizing devices or gizmos, you will do it yourself utilizing your bare hands. This assists you exercise your muscles and literally have a hands-on on this task. Simply follow the routine offered and patiently wait for the outcomes; doing it rarely will get you no place. Do what is instructed and attempt not to avoid any of the routines to see the outcome, as it must be. Overdoing the regimens might simply put you into more problem so do away with this idea. As they say, too much of something is bad. Keeping things in small amounts is still the biggest thing to go in order to get the very best of what you want Vigrx Plus Pills Price.

You need to have heard about this incredible herb. It originates from China and it have numerous usages. For thirty years the reserachers have actually studied this herb, and in all the research studies performed it is undeniable that this herb helps to prevent numerous issue with our total health. You may have heard Ginkgo Biloba as a medicine for amnesia, but what you may have not understood yet that it likewise improves your blood circulation, oxygen circulation to your penis. Current studies find that almost 78% men with impotence issue have good outcomes when they consume this herb.

One product I would like to show you is called VigRX Plus. I chose to review VigRX Plus due to the fact that of all the extensive talk all over the internet regarding the product. Something I learnt through my research is that people have grumbled about for how long it takes before they begin to see any results. When again this goes back to people wanting a quick repair per se, rather than worrying whether the product even works. As it ends up, VigRX Plus does take a while to see results. The website declares it takes around 3 months before you get the complete result, that includes an overall increase in size of the penis, and boost in libido. The very first few weeks, you might not notice a size boost, but you should start to observe harder, more powerful erections, as well as and increased sex drive.

Vigrx is a potent anti-ED drug. It has a proven record of revealing positive lead to case of men who are experiencing various kinds of health disorders like diabetes. So state excellent bye to impotency with Vigrx Plus and its all supplements.When you begin ot utilize it then you can understand how much special and helpful, it is now a days for those individuals whose are experienced health disorders such as ED and firmness.You can get your supply of Vigrx plus, male improvement pills and its supplements from web drug stores where you get low costs and save money on time and effort.

Vigrx Plus Price In India

Visit the official VigRx Plus website

Vigrx Plus Price In India

You are sure to have actually come across Vimax pills if you have actually searched the web for male enhancement pills. Vimax is ranked to be the top penis improvement tablets in the market – and it seems to be with great reason too. Nevertheless, that does not imply that Vimax will work wonders for you. You have to choose on your own whether you wish to use Vimax. For this, you require to approach this item objectively and treat it as any other improvement tablet out there.

Vigrx Plus Price In India

Vigrx Plus store: it is the primary store to buy Vigrx Plus. Why? Because it sells Vigrx Plus at the official price, it is. It also brings the original brand name of Vigrx Plus. You will be sure of getting the benefits of taking Vigrx Plus when you buy Vigrx Plus at this store. When you purchase fake Vigrx Plus, you can not get the advantages of Vigrx Plus.

Lastly, Vigrx Plus Store includes a risk-free, cash back guarantee. You have a right to make a refund demand if you are not happy with your end results. Which unlawful product has a loan back guarantee when they are out to get your money in the first location?

With a lot of vigrx plus review items on the market right now, selecting the right one can be a little challenging. Pick the best one from the start and you’ll be pleased and pleased with the results. The incorrect one will be lost time and cash. Crucial thing to bear in mind if absolutely nothing else buy American made products as quality assurance is the greatest.

That is right. Other products just provide ensure as much as 60 days just if you order more than 1 or 2 bottles. Because this is written in fineprint, lots of clients might miss this guarantee, believing that their order is constantly ensured no matter how numerous bottles they order. You can get an assurance of 67 days and you can try these male enhancement pills for more than 2 months so that you are completely satisfied with your order.

You can always access Vigrx Plus Price In India evaluates available over the internet if you are not pleased with the benefits offered. These reviews will offer you a clear image of how customers have ranked the item with time. What you will find is that customers are more than pleased with the pills. As a matter of fact, most of them have actually offered the product a 5 star rating.

Having stated that these tablets are really reliable, it is necessary to take a look at their advantages over other male improvement pills. To begin with, these pills increase penis naturally. It therefore indicates that ultimately your guy will have increased penis for satisfied sexual relations. There is no doubt that huge penis is needed for boosted fulfillment. For that reason with increased penis, sexual life likewise increases thus increased complete satisfaction.

2) This is the method utilized by all researchers – if you choose to determine your penis in any other way, you won’t be able to compare it with the result of the studies.